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grant irish vases statement

 Grant’s vessels are fabricated from stainless steel or silicon bronze sheet, sometimes employing stone or metal casting. Each vase is crafted, one at a time, requiring hours of welding and grinding to achieve a work that is finely finished with the goal of creating a particular shape, at the same time that no two are exactly alike. In the final stage of grinding on a stainless piece Grant uses one of two different tools to create either a finish of tiny random etchings that catch the light, or a grained finish which has a warmer, softer look.


Each bronze piece in its final stage is finished by applying a combination of heat and chemical to achieve a desired color and pattern. This patina process is challenging and exciting because just the slightest difference in temperature or chemical can produce very different results. A carnuba wax is then applied to works done in bronze to bring out nuances in the finish and protect the patina from changing as a result of the elements to which it may be exposed.


Stainless vases are easy to clean with a quality stainless steel cleaner and a soft cloth. Clean bronze vases only with a soft, clean cloth that is free of chemical residue. No cleaning products of any kind should be used on patina finishes. If desired, a quality carnuba-based paste wax can be used to clean the vase on occasion. It is best to keep the outside surfaces of bronze vessels dry.